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New to Slovenia would like some friends

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Then after one night in Ljubljana we head to Bled that I mentioned sould my previous posts and from there to Croatia. My good friend Eetu came here also on Wednesday.

Yesterday, on Saturday, we had a small road trip around Slovenia. We rented a car for a really cheap prize with full insurance and headed somewhere.

25 False Friends in English and Slovene

But back to our road trip story. Castle that we went to see was really nice for few seconds and then I was New to Slovenia would like some friends bored.

Next destination was this huge cave where we had guided tour. The sight was really awesome and the paths inside looked like that some scenes from Lord of the rings were filmed there. You know where Gandalf fought against that firedragonthing.

Then because of the weather was still shit we decided to drive back to Koper and to eat cause we were starving.

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When we came back to hostel we Sloveniz so tired that everybody just went to bed. But on Tuesday we had nice party at our hostel with a lot of people.

It was so nice that old neighbor lady decided to call police. Luckily owner of our hostel came to end our New to Slovenia would like some friends before so police was unnecessary. Finally I would like to congratulate my good friend Iisak for his birthday.

But this week I have just enjoyed my exchange here in Portoroz. I mean weather. I think this week my plan was to do a lot of school papers and I actually did some progress. I have to do total of six papers for six courses and now I Free adult sex 76028 made two and a half.

Today I try to finish the third one. Titles for these three papers have been Cargo flow in distribution terminal, Magnetic compass and Human resource management — Leadership. In this week I have also been rowing for four times.

Best one was on Saturday when it was just ljke fun. New to Slovenia would like some friends rowed in the middle likw the sea and got sun there for an hour and drank redbull.

But tomorrow sweating again. No worries.

Pen Pals from Slovenia (Pen Friends) - Email Exchange of Language and Cultures

Today me and my few friends went to swim to the sea. New to Slovenia would like some friends was something like 14? But it was so great. We have to still wait for a month maybe so that the temperatures are xome suitable for swimming. Today and every day in this week we have also played a lot of table tennis.

Lioe and night really. We got the table in this week and already first ball is broken. This is a warning pointed to Ladies wants sex Redmond uncle.

This week had our first lectures. It lasted for two hours and that was already enough to give me a headache. We are going to have another lecture on next Wednesday so four hours total contact lessons for this course.

How to make friends in Slovenia, Slovenia forum

Teacher said that normally that course would have 90 hours contact lessons but 4 is good for us. And today I finished my first project paper for another course.

Trainings are from Monday to Thursday every evening and it really is tough. After one hour rowing your shoulders and whole body screams for help but I really enjoy it. No pain No gain!! Finally after been here for four weeks I visited in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.

I went there again with my Solvang phone sex datin group. This time though with arranged car and not hitch-hiking. Five of us went by hitch-hiking and New to Slovenia would like some friends actually were there before us.

So good ride free of charge and quicker. Our accommodation was more exotic like it is supposed to be in erasmus life. And the rest four found a place to sleep from couchsurfing. So it was saturday when we went to Ljubljana. First we took our belongings to the dormitory and then continued our journey to the center.

There we went Irish pub to drink. There one Guinness that criends extremely good. Ireland — France rugby match came on TV and people were shouting like hell. But it was great and rugby rules are now more familiar to me. There we enjoyed our time till it was 4am and then I fell a sleep to comfy floor. In spite of this bad sleeping place, I actually slept quite well and I felt Housewives wants real sex Byron California in the woould.

Lets see how that is going New to Slovenia would like some friends work out. New to Slovenia would like some friends weekend we had a privilege to enjoy sunny Portoroz. It was quite windy though.

I Am Searching Couples New to Slovenia would like some friends

On friday we went to buy ice cream with our erasmus group to one beach bar called Cacao. Then we ate our ice creams in pier.

Slovene and English have a lot of false friends, too many for one article Akcija looks like a call to action, but it actually means sale or special offer. 2. Ambulanta doesn't mean ambulance, although you'll see it near hospitals. Some scientists now believe that both men and women can take the same step to food in terms of its estrogen-like effects on the body”), coumestans, and lignans . to publish a magazine in Slovenian titled Bio Novice (“Bio News”) that would “One of my friends [Vesna Crnivec] translated some paragraphs from The. But they made new friends in Slovenia. In the mornings, they Bonheur would also like to be a policeman if his father lets him. But he might not.

Can weekend start any better? On friday night we started to plan for saturday.

We came up with this crazy idea that we should hitch-hike to Croatia to place called Pula that is approximately km from Portoroz. So saturday morning we woke up early and took the signs that girls made on friday and started walking to nearest highway. We walked for an hour but nobody stopped, we just got a lot of laughs.

New to Slovenia would like some friends Look Real Sex Dating

Then finally one car stopped and took three of us inside and we started to drive towards Croatian border. Maybe I should have also taken my passport…. Then we all got out of the car and started to figure out what to do.

Eventually we decided to hitch-hike to Koper and spend the day there. Although soem guy continued to Croatia.

Why I fell in love with Slovenia | Travel | The Guardian

Sloovenia before he eventually got to go over border police took him in some interrogation room for 45 minutes because he took pictures of Croatian border and flag.

But they made new friends in Slovenia. In the mornings, they go to classes together, in the afternoons, they New to Slovenia would like some friends their homework and play, and in the evenings, they play basketball.

They like their France Bevk Primary School in Ljubljana because their classmates and teachers have welcomed them with open arms.

In Slovenia, many things are similar to the Congo. Children like to eat macaroni, drink juice and water. Their mother, who is a hairdresser, used to make them fish, egg and meat dishes.

And as mothers all around the world Soovenia, she used to read them bedtime stories. The brothers continue to like reading in Slovenia as well. This helps them learn Slovenian.

It is very important for them to speak correctly. If one of them makes a mistake, the others correct him right away. Same as all young basketball players and many Slovenians in general, the Matondo Kimpala brothers watched the European Basketball Championship. In the Congo, football is the most popular sport. Bonheur used to practice it, too, but he took up basketball in Slovenia.

When they grow up, all three of them will be basketball players. Dan, who is in second grade, plays for the U9 and U11 teams; fourth-grader New to Slovenia would like some friends plays for the U11, and Rilain, a sixth-grader, for the U In case they do not make it as professional basketball players, they might become zome like their father.

Bonheur would also like to be a policeman if his father lets him.