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Lady that came in Utrecht

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FC Utrecht (women) - Wikipedia

Food appears at any point in the day, Dutch students will eat whenever they are hungry, not when they are told they should eat. I was once in an exam when the Manitoba free phone sex next to me reached into her bag and removed a thta roast chicken and started shredding meat off of it for a salad.

You struggle to find housing, The university tells you, previous and current students tell you, the Dutch news tells you, the nice lady who made your sandwich told you. You will feel a surge Ladys 40 and up productivity, you work tirelessly in the library not daring to go to the toiletreading, writing Lady that came in Utrecht learning, such is the study inn at UU.

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Your pride at your productivity fades when you realise your Dutch colleagues study just as hard as you in addition to working two jobs, participating in a student organisation, starting their Lady that came in Utrecht company, holding a seat on the UN security council … ok I exaggerate but it is true that Dutch students WORK HARD. Something or someone will fall off your bike, Lady that came in Utrecht start to really love your bike as it takes you from A to B in a fast, sustainable and healthy way.

Lady that came in Utrecht

After some practice you will say something in Dutch, only for the person to smile, suppress a gentle laugh and respond in English. After even more practice you will say something in Dutch and the person will respond in fast, colloquial Dutch on a completely unrelated topic leaving you confused and blubbering in English.

You reach a till in a supermarket and are unable to use any payment method you have on you. No matter how careful you are, you will at some point inadvertently wander into a cycle path.

You hear a ringing bell, angry Dutch shouting well you think its angry. This is how it ends?

Peddled to death? I was just the weirdo stood in the middle of the street with my hands in the air like some Lady that came in Utrecht out student theatre performance.

Whether you have managed to tick each of these things off already, or if they are still thatt happen to you; you can be assured that they have all happened to almost every other international student in Utrecht! Skip to main content.

Welcome to Utrecht. Traditional Dutch raw herring, thankfully students don't usually snack on this half way through class! Visiting the supermarket isn't always pain free until you have a Dutch bank account. Back to Blogs.

Mission impossible? Dutch things I like and that I'm still shocked by Erasmus Stories: