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Asking her subjects to dress as they would for a job interview, she poses them in their childhood home in front of a backdrop depicting the Yale office space she once worked in, juxtaposing the point at which their public and private meet.

The edges of the frame show family pictures, trophies, musical instruments, heirlooms and other decorations that hint at how they grew up. The subjects, presenting themselves as job candidates, then present the more anonymous front expected when seeking work, putting the viewers in the position of the interviewers.

"Am I What You’re Looking For?" - Photography by Endia Beal

As such, the viewers are confronted with their own biases and presumptions — what is our conclusion and what is it based on? Do we focus on what the applicant is wearing or the environment that surrounds her?

Would we hire the one wearing patterned shoes and a bold dress or the one with a demure outfit and genteel haircut? What do our decisions say about us?

I am what youre looking for

And the more I tried, the more I was losing myself. Ultimately she found herself questioning why she was trying to alter herself to fit a space clearly never designer for her, but rather than throw in the towel decided I am what youre looking for try forr transform the corporate culture. She hopes to initiate a conversation around hiring practices, and allows her photographs to serve as the basis for talks on diversity and inclusion.

And she chooses to love Blue Ivy's I am what youre looking for, as well as her own, by publicly embracing an aesthetic. Throughout "Formation," she pays homage to the multiplicity of black women's hairstyles: The video notably shows black women with epic triple topknots, braided chignons, braided crowns.

Find and save hello is it me youre looking for Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More. There's a moment in Beyoncé's music video for "Formation" when Blue Ivy, cherubic, looks right into the camera as her mother sings definitively. The choice is clear. View "17 "I Am a Man/Woman Looking For" Tweets That Are Exactly What You're Looking For" and more funny posts on.

A wig shop is prominently featured. At the end of the 18th century in Louisiana, black Creole women were subject to laws criminalizing their apparently ostentatious beauty, unacceptable to the white women around them.

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The "tignon" laws I am what youre looking for that these women cover their hair with a head wrap—or be thrown in jail. The women complied, but they proceeded to beautify their kooking a law criminalizing someone for being too beautiful while also being black is going to be ineffective for obvious reasons. Historian Carolyn Long notes that "instead of being considered a badge of dishonor, the tignon The bright [colors] of the scarves, and the imaginative wrapping techniques employed by their wearers, are said to have enhanced the beauty of the women of color.

How we look continues to be a flashpoint for racism. But for most, in the workplace and other institutional settings—particularly corporate environments—we must don a metaphoric tignon. We shed the clothes and accessories that make us feel like us in order to better fit in.

It's assumed that "professional" in many ways means white. Everywhere—from within the United States military, to retail environments like Abercrombie and Zara, to professional sports remember those Don Imus comments?

The Gabby Douglas fiasco?