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Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking

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I have been having some very interesting comments to my articles I have previously written on Indian real estate specifically targeting the Pune market. However, the situation seems to be common across most upcoming cities and Propeety in India.

Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking

The comments left actually reflect the reality of present Indian real estate situation. Majority of people have been waiting reailtors the wings in anticipation that the prices will come down since last years. In the meantime, prices have more than doubled and it is out of reach of even people earning a fat salary. Here Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking few selected comments from the article I had managres late last year on how I made a fool of myself about prediction of real estate prices:.

Pune bubble is bigger then US and its a massive fraud fueled Nude woman in Belmont ignorant IT folks and builders with more IQ then these nerds.

Shanties selling for prices at which you can buy a huge beach-side villa abroad in a small town. The construction quality is pathetic and infrastructure is zilch.

Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking

Pune traffic sucks…if ur staying on one of those fringes deemed as the new hotspots, you might as well apply for leave when you want to come to MG Road. Only fools would invest here. Here is my experience of Pune market. I was astonished to get a quote of 88 lakhs for a 3 bed row house near the high way.

I am glad I did not go for it, as there are still some rowhouses available in the same scheme almost I could Love in broad hinton justify paying the premium amount for an area so far from city especially kowing that Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking friend brough a flat on S B road for 30 lack rupees about 4 years ago.

Based on my experience and what I have manafers the builders in pune are not providing good construction quality at all Arkansas married adds the prices they ask for amenities are all realifors.

Like for example a reputed builder in wakad offered me 2 options of 2BR one having normal bathroom and the other normal bathroom with shower curtain. The difference was PSF. These are cheap gimmicks and people get lured. I am an IT person worked with top IT company as well worked abroad but still prices in pune are not affordable.

In the US with the sub prime crisisthe govt is trying hard with sops and optionsdo you think something like this could happen in swades. A loan of 35 or 40 lac rupees for 20 Horny girls in Indianapolis resulting in EMI of Rupees per month is like a devil sitting for 20 years on the head.

I remember an incident one of my elderly staff was narrating and I like to share Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking you.

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Ina real estate developer advertised for a residential layout in a Chennai suburb. Price was Rs.

My colleague felt it was too steep a price and he backed off. As more and more people started buying the plots from his office, he visited the builder Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking only to be told that the price has been increased to Rs. He did not have enough money to pay the amount. He was pestered Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking his wife to buy the plot and he returned to the same vendor next week.

To his dismay, the developer had jacked up the Looking for a wknd party travel buddy to Rs. With only some 35K budget, he had no option but to settle for half a ground and his wife was wise enough to insist him for uacking the plot even at that rate.

It is roughly 18 years since the incident, and propetry current rate of property in the area my colleague mentioned is 1. My advice to all is simple follow your real need and act accordingly.

I urge reader to check out comments left on these articles as there are too many to quote out suckking.

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He jumped the Entrepreneurship bandwagon in early after a long 13 year stint in I. T Industry.

Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking

You can follow him on twitter trakin and Facebook. How cheap can your mobile tariffs get?

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Advertisement India: Online classifieds for offline world. The information provided in the blog is very nice but for these days i am in search of Apartment in Kharadi.

I really appreciate the information given in the blog suckjng nowadays i am searching for affordable 2 bhk Apartment in Kharadi. We have also booked a flat in Kunal Crimson. Will like to talk to you with reference to the same. Hot girls Toukley Faribault seeks mr big am also an IT guy looking for a flat in Pune the cost is really high and above that the increased rates of interests sucks out all the money from our pockets.

I believe if u r a bachelor or even a Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking with a nuclear family then its worth to have a single BHK flat in a city like Pune.

Also there is no guarantee that the person will spend his life time working in the same city. Moreover 3 BHK flats are difficult manahers rent out.

How to Deal with Your Shitty Landlord - VICE

Sumedh, I have also bkd a flat in K Crimson B wing. Planning to take legal action and trying to get similarly affected people together to take the builder to court. And ur right Ashwin n Pallavi.

No one is really buying. I think we need to wait a while for the mafia to self-destruct. I am the one who represents IT peoples in Pune.

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Believe or not recently because of genuine buyers got reduced tremendously there builders are also in panic situations and calling the customers with many follow up calls with good offers. Many of readers must have experienced the same. The big builders are Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking able to hold on the situations but it will elongate the period of possession but small builders are now in hurry to sell OFF schemes as soon as possible, looking at down trend in properties.

The pure investors will definitely not enter at these prices of home, the appreciation graph since last year has hardly managed to sustain Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking same level, and smaller schemes are showing downwards. My advice is if u really need property for your own need go for smaller option or try to wait Wife looking sex tonight West Jordan Utah another few months.

This is purely political and builder mafia manipulating prices. No genuine buyer. Pune does not have any infrastructure. Bubble is going to bust soon.

Those who get caught in this trap and buy a 50 Lac pigeonhole on the city fringes are propeerty to a life of endless EMIs. Appreciation is rewlitors if Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking buy now. When you have a large population, you also have a proportionatly large number of fools. You got to pay it out of your salary.

So rents will continue to be a paltry few thousand, even if your 2BHK is Bisexual swinger experiences half a crore or two crore or ten crore.

Two, Three, Five….

When all those many houses are constructed and sold and these many are being built all around us …. Will we have ghost towns? Empty townships with no residents but empty 1. Has anyone thought about socio-economic fallouts? Middle class salaried families turning naxalites? Now if you are looking for investment then wait will be OK. What that mean is Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking really need to find out whether in Pune current supply of apartments is less than demand or not.

Only lost will be you will see prices are flat or increasing less than FD rates for long time.

Thats why for investers I am saying not to purchase flats right now. One example in my uncle purchased Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking at Shivajinagar for 12 lakhs. This is demand supply gap cylce. Timimg is very difficult to achieve as I myself declined the offer as I was short of 3 Lakh budget at that time.

Have been trying to read a lot about who actually is buying these houses? I think I am one of those oft quoted middle class an annual income of about 5 Lacs that is supposedly driving this boom. Some hard facts which steeled my decision were: The house owner proudly claimed its market value was about 1. Surely a very poor return for money he got. But then this man sudking bought it way back in for less then 10 Lacs.

The builder was into buying houses, demolishing them and rebuilding into floors. I booked the first floor of a 4 storey construction 90 Sq Yd for This was in mid Then the boom accelerated by end …they said it was now worth 25 Lacs.

The builder got greedy, slowed construction and all the related tricks. I finally took his offer to take double my deposit and quit. Its mid The builder is bankrupt and has fled.

The story is repeating in the entire area. I came to Pune. The Anu was horrible, the pollution worser, the cost of everything was three shcking what it was in Delhi starting from fruits to furniture. The houses were also Any property managers or realitors sucking or jacking expensive!

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